6 Wedding Traditions To Rethink

Featuring Fun Facts



1.  A belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. 


Fun Fact: Did you know that the reason brides hold bouquets was to originally ward off bad spirits (the bouquet was made of smelly herbs and sage) The herbs later became meaningful flowers e.g. lilies for beauty, heather for protection, lilac for innocence, peonies for happy marriage and prosperity etc. 

Another Fun Fact: Did you know that bridesmaids and groomsmen were designed as a decoy (they all dressed the same) so that bad spirits wouldn't know who the real bride and groom were......those sneaky spirits. The bride tribe was also meant to confuse thieves who were looking to steal the brides dowry!

What a wild world.

Here are some new twists on old wedding traditions!


1. Wearing White (say whaaaat)

You can thank Queen Victoria for setting this trend! She wore white to marry Prince Albert and it just stuck. Before then, ladies just wore their best dress. For many, white symbolizes purity and virginity which funnily enough is not why the Queen wore white, she did so simply because she liked it. Nice one Vic!

New Twist:
Be like the Queen, wear your fav colour just because! 

Photography by  Wild & Grace

Photography by Wild & Grace


2. Being Given Away 

From the days when the bride was the fathers property until she was handed over to the groom to become his property or in exchange for a dowry. Love you too Dad! 

New Twist:
If your dad is not around or there are others who have played a large role in your life (brothers, mothers, sisters, friends, uncles, aunties) let them be the ones to bless you into your new journey and give you away. Have more than one person? Go for it! 

Photography by Fay Carey

Photography by Fay Carey


3. Bridesmaids are female, Groomsmen are men

Pish Posh! You can have Bridesmen and Groomswomen any day! The key is to have those you love up there with you supporting and celebrating your marriage. Those people needn't be excluded because of their gender. 

Less is more darling! Strip it back and go no bridal party. 

Photography by Fay Carey

Photography by Fay Carey


4. seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck

This one seems sweet, but lets look a little closer. For hundreds of years, fathers arranged their daughter's marriages by offering money to young men. However, if the soon to be bride did'nt have looks on her side, the father would search for bachelors in nearby towns. When these men showed up on the wedding day - not having seen their future brides before - it was common for some of them to run away. Eeek! So the tradition that it's "bad luck" for a man to see his bride before the ceremony really started out as insurance for her dad. 

New Twist: 
Organize a first look before the ceremony between just the two of you! Have your photographer ready to get those reactions, its a tear jerker for sure! 

Photography by  Samantha Donaldson

Photography by Samantha Donaldson


5. The Cake

Originally from Rome, bread would be broken over the brides head for good fortune. Later it became a tower of bread or cake for the bride and groom to kiss over. If the kiss was successful, you would have a prosperous and happy marriage. 

New Twist:
In a nutshell, stack up your favourite food and you're done! Tower of doughnuts? Yup. Tower of cheese? Yup. Tower of chocolate eclairs? Yup. Tower of Pizza? You get the idea ;) 

Photography by  Tegan Johnson

Photography by Tegan Johnson



6. Wedding Favors

The tradition of distributing wedding favors is a very old one. It is believed that the first wedding favor was known as a bonbonniere (a small trinket box). The contents of these boxes were generally sugar cubes or other confectionery (yum) symbolizing wealth and royalty.

New Twist:
This tradition can hurt the bank a little eek! Don't feel pressured to provide these for your guests, focus your energy and coin on throwing an awesome party, I guarantee your guests would much prefer to take home amazing memories than a bag of candy.

Photography by  Fay Carey  for  Hollow & Co

Photography by Fay Carey for Hollow & Co






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