Making The Most Of Your Wedding Photography

My Tried & True Guideline


1. Timeline

  • Your first key to making the most of your wedding photography is to have a realistic timeline. We can help you lay it down and advise how long moments in the day usually take. Be sure to include travel time and some buffer time for flexibility and relaxing. Assign a Bridesmaid or Groomsmen to be time keeper for the day to keep things on track and moving forward, lean on your squad, they are there to help you!

  • Some helpful photo timeline guides to think about:

    + Getting Ready - 1-1.5 hours with each of you. If you like detail shots, the anticipation in the morning and getting ready, please put time aside for these moments to be captured. Please also factor in travel time between getting ready locations and then to your ceremony.
    + Group Photo - 10 - 15 minutes
    + Family photos - 2-3 minutes per photo (it’s like herding cats for real) so 10 family groupings = 30 minutes. Also bear in mind your family and guests will want to hug and congratulate you after you say your I do's!
    + Bridal party and portraits of you two - 1 - 1.5 hours (travel to locations is additional)
    + Sunset photos - 15 - 20 mins

2. Getting Ready - Its All In The Details

Here are some useful tips for the getting ready portion of the day!

  • Have all your details and sentimental objects in one place - they don't have to be laid out, we will do that :) but if you have them all together it really helps!
    + For brides these are items like your dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers and perfume. For your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses, hang it in style with a wooden coat hanger, it makes all the difference trust me!
    + For grooms, these are your shoes, buttonhole, watch, cologne and lets not forget THE RINGS!
    + If you have copies left of your invitations these are also great to include in your details!

  • Delegate a family or bridal party member to clear away ALL clutter before the photographer arrives. A few things to be aware of are water bottles on bench tops, paper towels, handbags or other things that will make your photos look cluttered. Think about the rooms you'll use and store everything else in a separate room.

  • Pick the brightest and largest rooms for your hair and makeup.

  • Turn off all artificial lighting if possible and let natural/window light in.


3. Ceremony

  • Go unplugged! Request that your guests be present, have their phones and Ipads away and encourage them to enjoy your ceremony with their eyes instead of through their devices. Phones in pictures are distracting and will also date your photographs eep! Let us take care of your photos and have your guests soak in every moment.


4. Family Photos

  • Have a list ready with your family groupings and hand over this responsibility to your MC. Your MC needs to be your designated bossy person who doesn't mind a holla here and there and who will keep your ship tight! Family photos can take up to 3 minutes per photo, keep this in mind when you are drafting your timeline, I find groupings of up to 10 will have everyone covered e.g. brides side of the family, grooms side of the family, both families together, brides parents, grooms parents etc..

5. Bridal Party

  • Yay its time for your location photos with your bride tribe lets have some fun! Ask your venue to pack a small hamper (most venues do this) and take some time out with your besties, this will get you feeling relaxed and on your way to awesome bridal party pics! Pro note: stay hydrated and drink water!

  • Please put aside 1 hour (minimum) for bridal party photos and portraits. Please note travel to different locations may take more time.

  • Have your Groom and Groomsmen remove their phones and keys from their pants and be prepared to have some with the sunnies off.

  • If the forecast is set to rain, the best solution for bridal party photos is to have some cute clear umbrellas! You can get them here and we will rock the rain like no ones business!

download (1).jpg

6. Portrait time

  • This is a time for two of you, invest yourself deeply in every moment you find yourself in. The day will fly, breathe it all in. If this was the last moment you had with this person, would you both just stand there and look at the camera? Or would you reach out and hold them as tight as you can…. Do that.

  • If you are camera shy, that’s ok, don’t look at me, look at each other and into the eyes of your best friend and do what comes naturally to you. If you want to laugh, laugh! Pull a face? Why not! Have little chats with your person? That’s ok! There is no right or wrong.

7. Sunset

  • Set aside some alone time with your new husband or wife for about 20 minutes at sunset, you wont regret it and your guests wont even notice you're gone! This is sometimes the only time you get to spend alone together and sunset makes for killer light yusss!




These are my tried and true ways of making the most out of your wedding photos as well as helping your day go a little smoother. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and that's OK, I'll be there to capture those moments in all their crazy glory :)