Top 10 Tips For A Stress Free Wedding

To get you on your way to namaste


1. First things first!

Failing to plan is planning to fail, say it again, make it zen and be at peace with planning. Yes, an element of planning is required for a wedding BUT it doesn't have to be stressful (yay)! My advice would be to delegate! Do you have bridesmaids? Delegate. Do you have a relative who’s a natural organiser? Delegate. If your budget stretches to a wedding planner go for it! Delegate to people you trust and who love you. Let them help you create the day of your dreams and you’ll feel a weight lifted. If you are struggling to know where to start with your planning you can check out my 7 Things To Do Right After Getting Engaged !


2. Fill the day with what YOU love!

So simple right! But so often we do things to make other people happy, to make Grandma happy, your cousins from out of town happy, to abide to tradition. If you love cheese and hate cake (like me) get a cheese tower! If the idea of a sit down dinner bores the pants off you, have canapes or a food truck! Let the day be a reflection of what you love and bring in your community to celebrate in those things.


3. Timeline

Be real with your timelines and don't forget about travel! Be generous with the clock and you’ll feel relaxed all through the day. Short and sweet but trust me on this! If you need a hand with travel times, google maps is your angel.


4. Don't sweat the small stuff!

Recognize what’s important and what’s not important, you can put this on a scale of 1 - 5, 1 being mega and anything that’s 3 and above, sing it with me, let it goooooo!!!!

For example:

  • The font on the invites came out smaller than I expected - 4
  • Tracking down RSVP’s is a nightmare - turn this potential 2 into a 5! Use Paperless Post your RSVP process just became a million times easier! I also love how sustainable this option is!
  • Its forecast to rain - deep breaths! This can feel like a 1 but it is legit out of your control, grab a few cute umbrellas, the clear ones are adorable FYI and rock the day away!

5. Take time for just the two of you <3

The day can go by so fast, greeting friends, family photos, travelling to and from venues, talking with rellies, listening to everyone tell you how beautiful you look (its a task). Take time and get away from the hustle with your new husband or wife and breathe in all those newly wed feels p.s take your photographer, it will be magic.


6. Conflict

Conflict is the biggest cause of stress and can leave you feeling like this.just.isn't.worth.it.

Effective communication with vendors, your fam and your partner is so key in planning a wedding! You can communicate your gripes in an honest and loving way. Be transparent with your feelings and your needs no matter how big or small and you will be on your way to a low conflict and stress free wedding. P.S Let your partner help you with this, you are a team!


7. Connect with your vendors

They are a part of your day too! Get friendly with your caterer, your venue, your photographer, your florist! Be yourself and you will attract vendors who are a good fit for you, then by the time your wedding comes around you’ll all be chums :)


8. Family photos

This part of the day can seem long and arduous, your standing there, waiting patiently for your family to make their way over, put their drinks down, remove their sunglasses, and your cousin is in the bathroom, and no one knows where nana is. It’s like herding cats! My tips for streamlining this part of the day is to have a list of family/friend groupings and delegate this task to the MC. I would suggest keeping the list of your groupings to 10 or under. This part can feel long, your cheeks will start to hurt and all you really want to do is get on and party. Keep it simple. Be sure to include the 'no sunglasses and drinks' rule on the list so the MC knows to advise your guests :)


9. Stay hydrated and eat food (nom)

I can already hear you like, Fay what’s this got to do with low stress? Have any of ya’ll been hangry before? Gotten a headache and realised you haven't had much water? Or you have your first glass of champagne and the room starts to spin. Hydration and food is key and will keep you feeling more comfortable throughout the day.


10. Last but not least

My final piece of advice for a stress free wedding. Elope! Grab your closest and mostest and ride off into the sunset. I once photographed a couple who nipped down to the registry office with their immediate fam and friends, got hitched and headed off to a cafe for lunch. It was beautiful! They filled their day with what they loved, it reflected them as a couple and the emotions captured were genuine. Eloping can be just as magical as a big wedding day! If you're vibing on an epic location, grab your celebrant and head up there!


I hope these tips help towards your wedding plans, there’s more than 10 I’m sure! What works for you may not work for someone else and that’s awesome! No wedding is ever the same, make it your own and you will enjoy every second!






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